Zed Black Pure & Natural Bhimseni Camphor 100 g

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Zed Black Bhimseni Camphor is burnt to perform Aarti. The fragrant smoke that emanates from camphor is believed to purify the mind and the environment. The fragrance of Bhimseni camphor oil has a calming effect on the mind and It has self-evident purity, it is compatible with your dedication. Its exquisite sweet aroma creates a heavenly atmosphere for Pooja and Meditation. It dispels negativity, promotes physical and mental health, and attracts prosperity, much as Zed Black Bhimseni does. Camphor is Pure and is composed entirely of camphor, a substance obtained from the pine tree. The fumes & the fragrance of the camphor possess the power to redefine your surroundings by releasing healing energies that uproot any negative energies present and magnify positive energies.

USAGE : Diffuse Zed Black Bhimseni Camphor on an Aroma diffuser / Aroma burner / Kapoor for a sweet fragrance that will change energy levels and create a positive aura around you and your home.

WHY DIFFUSE BHIMSENI CAMPHOR: It contains Pure Organic ingredients that have a calming effect on the mind, repels mosquitos and provides a refreshing fragrance which fills your life with positivity and happiness.

HOW TO CHECK THE PURITY OF BHIMSENI CAMPHOR: Pure Bhimseni Camphor evaporates completely and does not leave behind any residue or ash when completely diffused.

NO CHEMICALS: Zed Black Bhimseni Camphor is Pure and is made from 100% camphor, which is derived from the pine tree.

EASY TO DIFFUSE – LONG LASTING FRAGRANCE: The convenient size and shape of Zed Black Bhimseni Camphor, makes it easy to grip. Moreover, since the product is pure camphor, it diffuses instantly on an Aroma diffuser / Aroma burner / Kapoor does not require much effort. Benefits of Bhimseni Camphor: 1. Natural Air Purifier 2. Brings Positive Energy 3. Removes Vastu Faults.


Brand - Zed Black

Material - Camphor

Net Qty.When Packed - 100g

Price per Gram - ₹ 2.80 per g