Pure Sandal

Zed Black, synonymous extra-ordinary quality of fragrance in incense sticks, is launching a new high-end premium segment – ‘Zed Black Luxury’.
Zed Black luxury is a range of 4 fresh fragrances that are charcoal free Incense sticks and are packed in premium packing. The fragrance of Zed Black Luxury will take you to the world of luxury, make your mind calm & peaceful and thus gives you luxurious heavenly like feeling. The 4 fragrances have their own uniqueness.
Zed Black’s brings the unique luxury fragrances in 4 exotic fragrances
Pure Sandal: Sandalwood is popular for its woody and sweet smell and is extensively used at traditional occasions in India. Zed Black Luxury brings the classic aroma of year-long tradition extracted from the carefully selected sandalwoods to give you the purity and serenity.
The entire range of Luxury is crafted to make you experience the purity and exclusivity that give you the Luxury of aroma and rejuvenation which is Simply Incredible!